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I started FASD CYMRU as a public Facebook page and private support group in June 2019. Last year, we made a short FASD awareness film in English and Welsh with the help of All Wales Forum. The films were launched at the Senedd in Cardiff in November 2019. Many thanks to our Assembly Member, Elin Jones, for sponsoring the event and to Dr Dai Lloyd for attending. This year's target is to develop FASD training for schools.

I am the adoptive mother of two children with FASD, who are 17 and 12. When we adopted our children, we knew nothing about FASD but in the last 14 years we have learned a lot from our own experience, books, websites and online support groups. My aim is to develop support for Wales so that everyone know what FASD is, how to prevent FASD, how to get a diagnosis, how to get support after diagnosis and how to help those with FASD reach their full potential. It frustrates me that finding help for those with FASD is so hard at the moment. I hope that increasing awareness and training in FASD will make the world a kinder and more supportive place for those with FASD and their families.

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